Oy China
Experience yet another fascinating culture by creating your own dragon from one of the many exquisitely colorful dragon sets! Have it fly over exciting landscape and collect magical things that makes the dragon longer, as the old legend says, "the longer the dragon is, the more luck it brings."
All visuals are made from oil paintings by Yangsook.
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Making MATH the Story Yangsook's book The Name Jar is a Math Reads book for grade 1 to develop understanding and skills for graphs and patterns. Math Reads is the NEW math and literature program designed to support the Common Core State Standards as a springboard for math instruction.

Letters About Literature In the annual national contest, the students write to an author to explain just how the author's work has changed his or her life or view of the world. Taera Kang in grade 6 earned State Recognition with a letter to Yangsook as one of the ten best in her level. She wrote, "I no longer want to be like everybody else, to fit in with the norm. I am my own individual, and proud of it... Without The Name Jar, I would not be the girl I am today."

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